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  • #24: 40

    #24: 40

    Dear Chris, Today you are 40 years old. Two years ago I didn’t know if we’d make it to this day. If we did, I thought with certainty, life would look so different for us, full of wheelchairs and breathing machines and all sorts of medical devices keeping you alive. But here you are today,…

  • #15: Losses

    #15: Losses

    The air this week is cold, and every small bluster of wind sends the few leaves still clinging to their branches cascading to the ground. Two days ago the kids and I walked to school through the field behind our house over a blanket of snow covering the still-green grass, and now when I wake…

  • #6: L-I-V-I-N

    #6: L-I-V-I-N

    📷: @VartyCamera Eight months ago I sat next to Chris on a plane and watched him sleep. I studied his face and his eyelashes, I held his hand and looped my arm around his. I touched his thick, black hair. I cried. I thought about how I would never get to see his black hair…

  • #4: Living the Dream

    #4: Living the Dream

    I remember being in the car, coming here for the first time in June last year. We were waiting to turn left into the hospital entrance and I saw the billboard: “Where Impossible Becomes I’m Possible.” I pointed it out to Chris. He squeezed my hand. All our hope was here, and we were both…

  • #1: Our Story

    #1: Our Story

    By Kelsie Snow I used to tell stories for a living, but telling your own story is different. It’s scary and it’s hard and it exposes you.  And that’s why it’s important.  People aren’t good at grief, and that’s because we don’t share it. We hide it away and expect those living through it to…

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