Category: Gratitude

  • #19: Still Here

    #19: Still Here

    The past few days, friends on social media started posting the first photo they took in 2020 and the last. Some were heartwarming — the friend whose first photo was of her pregnant belly, the last of her adorable baby boy. Others were silly, a play on the stresses of a hard year, and some […]

  • #10: Life in the Bonus

    #10: Life in the Bonus

    I didn’t know Colby Cave. I don’t know his wife or his parents or any of the people who love him. But when I sat down at my kitchen table this morning, opened Twitter and saw that he passed away after suffering a brain bleed earlier this week tears filled my eyes. At the other […]

  • #4: Living the Dream

    #4: Living the Dream

    I remember being in the car, coming here for the first time in June last year. We were waiting to turn left into the hospital entrance and I saw the billboard: “Where Impossible Becomes I’m Possible.” I pointed it out to Chris. He squeezed my hand. All our hope was here, and we were both […]

  • #3: 525,600 Minutes

    #3: 525,600 Minutes

    My social media feeds are full of people wishing farewell to 2019. So many of the people I know found the last year hard, and I’m no different — 2019 was certainly the hardest year of my life so far. I definitely used to be one to say good riddance to a year that seemed […]

  • To love my body, it had to fail me.

    To love my body, it had to fail me.

    This week I was skating with my family, racing my 4-year-old up and down the rink as she giggled and squealed. I watched her wobble and right herself and push forward to win. I followed behind her, skating the length of the ice on one foot going one direction, the other coming back. I’m not […]