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Childhood Cancer, Podcast

Evelyn’s Story: Heather Roy on Grief, Gratitude & Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare 

Meet Evelyn Faye Roy, a beautiful little girl from Calgary, Alberta, who loved music and dancing and art and books and Star Wars and her friends and family, whose light was blazingly bright and whose life on earth was heartbreakingly short.  Evelyn was 11 years old when she died of neuroblastoma in February 2020. This is a conversation about every parent’s worst nightmare, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s about finding a…


#25: Holding On 

Early in the summer I dreamt my son was dying. My perfect, beautiful boy. I was helpless, aware even in my subconscious that this was too much. My own desperation jolted me awake. I opened my eyes and heard myself saying, “I cannot do this.” I blinked and looked around the dark room. My heart was pounding, my breath shallow and fast. “It’s ok,” I told myself. “It was a dream. He’s ok. He’s not…