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Family, Hope

#1: Our Story 

By Kelsie Snow I used to tell stories for a living, but telling your own story is different. It’s scary and it’s hard and it exposes you.  And that’s why it’s important.  People aren’t good at grief, and that’s because we don’t share it. We hide it away and expect those living through it to do the same.  My family is grieving. And we are also joyful. We are scared and we are hopeful. We…

Family, Grief, Joy

Joy and Grief 

I haven’t known what to write in a long time. I’ve started things and stopped, saved drafts and deleted them. I thought I was stuck. I now realize I was overwhelmed. This year has been hard. For me, for my family, for so many of my friends. All around me, there’s been sadness — death and divorce, illness and pain, strokes and cancer. Horrible things happening to good people. Just a few months after my…