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Grief, Sadness

#16: Broken 

I broke a glass yesterday, and I shattered right along with it. It was a glass we got on a family vacation to San Diego a few summers ago. It was the best trip we’ve ever taken, before ALS, when life was so much lighter. My son saw me crouched down on the floor by the dishwasher, tears pouring from my eyes, sobbing so hard I shook. He put his hand on my back. “Mom?…

Grief, Illness, Sadness

#14: On Sadness 

The house is quiet and dark. The window is open, and the breeze is cool on my face. Summer is giving way to fall, and I pull the blanket up to my chin. These nights, when the air is crisp, have always been my favorite for sleeping. But this night my mind is restless, and it won’t quiet. Willa wakes up and wants to cuddle. I squeeze her tiny body, take off my sweatshirt and…