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ALS, Grief, Resilience

#18: Falling Down, Rising Up 

Next week a surgeon will cut into my husband’s abdomen. He’ll put a tube down Chris’ nose and blow up his stomach like a balloon, and then he will slice through it and stick a tube from the outside in, blow up another little balloon in that tube so it doesn’t come out of Chris’ stomach, stitch around the opening in his skin, and, just like that, Chris will have a feeding tube. Next week…

Illness, Resilience

#12: One Year Ago 

One year. One year ago today we sat in that small, white room, and an EMG technician whose name and face I can’t remember told us he thought Chris had ALS. One year ago today I found out my husband was dying. One year ago today was the worst day of my life. I’ve often thought about what this day would feel like. Early on, before all the hope of the trial, I thought on…

ALS, Resilience

#11: A Post I Hoped I’d Never Write 

Dear friends, For so many months now I have updated you with two words that have meant everything to us — no change. Being able to say that for so long has truly been a dream. But today I’m coming to you with a different message. About a month ago I took a photo of Chris and our daughter when we were outside sledding, and I noticed his smile looked different. I mentioned this to…