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Mental Health

#27: Where the Light is 

Here is what happens in the darkness – things get lost, go unseen, disappear from sight and so, too, from mind.  The last many months have been turbulent for me, taxing in ways that are hard to grasp when you are trying to stay anchored during a storm.  I have been worn down and worn thin by this life, weary of Chris’ disease and this pandemic and, somehow, desperately lonely despite the love within my…

Mental Health

#26: Darkness 

The world is a dark place these days. Metaphorically, yes, but literally, too.  I wake up in the dark. I make breakfast and pack lunches in the dark. I drink my morning coffee in the dark. The world resists waking, the sun resists rising, my spirit resists moving forward. Every bit of me wants to stay rooted right here, in my spot, with my book, in my cozy house, wrapped in this strange cocoon of…