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Depression, Mental Health, Suicide

A Life Worth Living: Drew Robinson’s Second Chance 

Meet Drew Robinson, a 29-year-old who lives in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, loves his dogs, has an infectious smile and was drafted out of high school in the fourth round by Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers. Drew spent more than a decade playing professional baseball, including about a year total in the big leagues. His first hit in the majors was a home run. He is a goofball with his friends and is…

Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health

When Things Fall Apart: Chris Jones Talks Shattered Narratives & Hanging On 

Not long after the COVID-19 pandemic began, award-winning journalist and former Esquire magazine staff writer Chris Jones started telling Friday afternoon stories on his Twitter account, @enswelljones. Because of his time profiling celebrities for Esquire and because Jones is the kind of guy who often finds himself in hilariously embarrassing situations, many of the stories went viral (one was read 8 million times and another 10 million). The stories were exactly what people were looking…