Talking about Grief and Hope

Hi friends,

All of the messages you’ve sent me about your own grief and your own sad stories tell me we need more spaces to talk about these hard things. So, I decided to launch a podcast on this very subject. You can find Sorry, I’m Sad on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and at I hope you will join me.

xo – Kelsie

Q&A: Chris and Kelsie Answer Your Questions Sorry, I'm Sad

In this season two finale, Chris and Kelsie answer questions submitted by followers on Twitter and Instagram about life, marriage, illness and work three years removed from Chris' ALS diagnosis. Support the show
  1. Q&A: Chris and Kelsie Answer Your Questions
  2. Living Impossible: Steve Gleason on Radical Acceptance & Life with ALS
  3. Not According to Plan: Nicole Briscoe on Infertility and Miscarriage
  4. What if it All Works Out: One Year Later with Sandra Abrevaya
  5. Where We Go From Here: ICU Doctor Darren Markland on Weathering the Pandemic